Maybelline have always been one of my favorite drugstore brands for lipsticks and these certainty don’t disappoint! I currently own a Maybelline Color Drama in one shade: Fuchsia Desire. In terms of packaging, jumbo lip pencils to be created as worn like lipsticks, sounds familiar right? I’m sure you guys have seen the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS and Art Stick by Bobbi Brown, that’s exactly what I thought when I got my first Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil! I was quite worried at first worrying if these going to be as pigmented as NARS, or if the formula would be creamy enough or dry like a regular lip liner. Until the moment I tried it for the first time, it’s MAGIC.COM!!!!

The formulas of these lip pencils are beyond amazing! I love these because they are so creamy! They just glide over your lips so smoothly and the pigmentation covers up everything, even if you have dry lips! I find them not too drying either which is always a bonus. The staying power is phenomenal and barely requires touch up after eating. I could rub my lips together a bit and be good to go really. Having lip products in pencil form makes me happy.  It means you can enjoy precise application and it makes them super easy to apply and eliminate the need for a lip liner, well, until it starts to go blunt and then you’re probably going to need a lip brush to be precise at your lip lines, but hey, that’s ok.

I know packaging shouldn’t matter, but I’m obsessed! Very sleek and pretty, and compact too! The pricing is great too- $10 for a lipstick in Australia is pretty damn good!


Here’s the Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Intense lip pencil in

Fuchsia Desire on my lips. Fuchsia Desire is a hot fuchsia. It’s a surprisingly wearable shade. I think a lot of fuchsia shades are way too blue toned and not as wearable, but Fuchsia Desire is the perfect balance between pink and purple. These pencils are matte, moderately creamy and opaque in one coat. To be honest, it was the surprise of the color shade that I don’t usually gravitate towards pinks because they don’t usually suit my skin tone but I think the purple undertones in this shade works with the brown in my eyes and I feel very ladylike altogether when I wear this.


So if you’re looking for some new lippies, you should definitely check out these lip pencils if you haven’t yet! You will thank me later!