Yes! I love my dogs, Mocha & Coffee way too much…but the more I observe human behaviour, the more I LOVE my dogs.

Humans and their insane ways of interacting,… domination, intimidation, threatening, aggression, back stabbing, bickering, etc. Insane bureaucracy, insane amounts of red tape to cut through, insane laws/rules with the associated insane blabbering that they have *NO* choice but to ‘kick some ass as if they’re some dumb robots.We’re choking in insane amounts of ‘mambo-jumbo-bullshit’ in all kinds of Product Disclosure Statements and Terms and Conditions for which life is just too short to study all that crap. And we’re supposed to be the most intelligent of all species.

YUP..I love my dogs so much, but why would I not? They love me and they are always there when I need them. And they are so sweet, they are just so damn cute! That face, so sad little puppy eyes, it’s almost too much. Even Mocha, the eldest one, he is extremely protective of me. It probably took him 1 year to allow my boyfriend at that time to give me a good bye kiss or hug. Nice of him, huh? After 3 years, I bought Mocha a companion. His name is Coffee. He is also an adorable Golden Retriever!And the best part is, their love is unconditional and I’m always perfect in their eyes!


Just as parents love children and children love parents, I love my dogs and my dogs love me. That unconditional love is the best love in the world. As children make parents laugh, my dogs makes me laugh. Just as parents look forward to coming home to children, I look forward to coming home to my dogs.

I treat my dogs like a child.. I don’t expect people to understand, but please don’t judge. If I want to treat my dog like the child I don’t have, so what? They are my best mates and my babies….They’re the only one who don’t leave the room when I sing..hahaha.. And they never, ever tell anyone the many secrets I tell them every day. I would do anything for them and i know they love me as much as i love them.. :)

I never have to worry about why my dogs love me, they honestly love me and would not think twice about giving up their very lives for me.. they think every idea I have is the best idea ever, and they are the best at keeping secrets.. :)

YES, I would NEVER say having a dog is the same as having a child or children. It’s not. I would also never say being a parent is easy. I respect parents so much. But, personally, I feel there are definitely *similarities between having a child and having a dog. Loving, responsible pet owners absolutely go through “child-like” experiences with their animals.

When Mocha was a puppy, I woke up in the night almost every day to calm his down, cuddle him when he cried and to let him know that I’m there besides him.. This went on for more than a month. No, it’s not the exact same as a child, but I also lost A LOT of sleep. Last year, Mocha was sick because one of his leg and had to be in the operation room. Guess who cried all day long? ME!
I take Mocha and Coffee for regular veterinary visits and pay extra for a dog food for their health. They visit the vet more often than I visit the doctor. Yes, I often put the needs of my dogs before my own, just like a parent does for a child.

I know many people find it strange to see how i treat my dogs..but I also believe each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. You don’t have to agree with me on this matter, but don’t tell me I’m wrong. Each person feels a certain way for a reason. My reason for treating my dog as a child is extremely personal to me, one that most people don’t know. I think each person should choose what is right for him/her. Treating my dog like a child is what I choose to do. Disagree with me, but respect my perspective as I will respect yours.