The 18th Restaurant and Lounge is not only a place to dine in. This is a great spot for an afternoon drink or an evening meal and offers you a new experience and sensation while visiting Bandung.

Located on the 18th floor of The Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, this restaurant offers a wonderful city view without having to go all the way up to Bandung’s highlands. This beautiful place is not only for hotel guest but also open for public seven days a week.


As soon as I arrived, I immediately spotted the place’s famous Sky Walk, a balcony made from see-through glass panels that allows people to feel as though they’re standing on air 18 stories up from the street below. The Sky Walk gives a broad view of the city. I can see how this spot has become quite famous, especially in the booming social media era where sharing pictures from unique places is an expected ritual. And I personally think that having your picture taken here is a must!


It’s quite sensational to just even walk down the glass balcony. I was in my flat shoes and suddenly felt irrationally anxious and excited at the same time as I slowly walked out onto the Sky Walk – but as soon as I was in the middle of the glass, I just can’t stop dancing. Love this!

That night, I tried the restaurant’s signature dishes – Chicken Wings, Wagyu Rossini Asiette which is seared wagyu beef pastilla served with foie gras, fondant potato, wild mushrooms, baby carrots and beef gravy and also tried the Grilled Mulwarra Lamb which is slow roasted rack of lamb and lableg “sous vide” with potato mille fuille, tomato, garlic & shallot confit, beetroot, zucchini and minted lamb jus. And I personally think all of the dishes were delicious and beautifully plated.

The 18th Restaurant & Lounge has three designated areas, each unique in concept and design. The first two areas are the Club Lounge and The 18th Restaurant which was designed indoor, while the last, The 18th Lounge was meant to be an outdoor area. Since its borders use transparent walls, the indoor areas are like outdoor areas and all the rooms can enjoy the view.

Recommended seats are the ones on the balcony though it might be chilly and windy, so it is advisable to wear layers.

Overall, great food, best view in Bandung and excellent customer service! I will definitely give an “A” to this place. The 18th Restaurant and Lounge at The Trans Luxury Hotel is open daily from 4 p.m. to midnight.

“The sky’s the limit. Your sky. Your limit”

The 18th Restaurant and Lounge

The Trans Luxury Hotel

Address: Jl. Gatot Subroto 289 | The Trans Luxury HotelBandung 40273, Indonesia